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Dental Veneers

We Transform Your Smile

Dental Veneers

Used solely for cosmetic purposes, Veneers can mask teeth imperfections & give you a stunningly beautiful smile. Sydney Cosmetic Dentist Dr Alps Thakkar offers Bespoke Solutions. If cared for, Dental Veneers can last between 5-10 years or for even more than a decade. Amazing Before & Afters.

What Are Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are a layer of material placed over a tooth to improve the aesthetics of a smile and protect the tooth’s surface from damage.
Veneers are a more conservative and holistic treatment than Dental Crowns and offer an alternative if the underlying tooth is strong & healthy.

You should carefully consider the treatment as is not considered a reversible procedure and you can never return to the natural condition of the tooth hence it is essential that you carry out this process with an experienced Cosmetic Dentist such as Dr Alps Thakkar who has deep expertise & passion for this treatment modality.

How Do Veneers Work

With Dental Veneers—as opposed to crowns—your natural teeth remain mostly intact with only a minimal amount of alteration required as it needs minimum tooth reduction of as little as 0.3-1.0 mm of enamel to accommodate its thickness, so they feel natural without added bulk.

The optical and the physical properties of Veneers are designed to mimic your natural teeth, creating perfect natural smiles due to their aesthetic appeal, effectiveness and longevity.

You’ll often hear people say that celebrities have veneers and this may seem like the best way to replicate picture-perfect teeth, but every individual’s oral needs and teeth makeup are different. 

Are Veneers Permanent

Dr Thakkar will begin this journey of yours by smile analysis to determine what steps are necessary to achieve the smile you desire.
Also, she will create a mock-up that will enable you to see if the final result aligns with your expectations.
She will also show you a simulated photo of how your new smile will look on your virtual face. This digital simulation is called cosmetic imaging. Of course, the digital simulation would have its limits but it avoids any surprises later on, and you would get the smile you desire, designed in a way suited to your preferences.

Am I a suitable candidate for Dental Veneers

Veneers are a very successful option in many situations including,

You are a suitable candidate if you,

Dental Veneers Procedure

Your Smile expectations would be unique to your taste. Hence the first consultation visit involves understanding your hope, concerns and expectations. 

Its all about you and your desires for a beautiful, durable and natural smile.

Dr Thakkar designs the smiles digitally. It gives you a chance to see for yourself if the new smile meets your expectations and alter it to your taste. She will collaborate the treatment plan with you so that you are an informed partner in the decision-making process.

Are Veneers Worth the Cost

Patients who invest in Veneers consider them a worthwhile investment although it costs much more than other regular Cosmetic Treatments, as they enjoy the benefits many treatments almost combine into one, like that of teeth whitening, orthodontic treatment like Invisalign, and dental crowns. 

To top that, Dental Veneers offer incredibly life-like results. 

Post-placement, many patients feel more confident in their smile than what they have felt in years.

History of Dental Veneers

Veneers though have gained recent popularity in the last few decades, they in actuality originated as a concept nearly a century earlier. 

Renowned Holywood Dentist, Dr Charles Pincus, conceived of them in the early twentieth century as a way to make the smiles of the actors more appealing in the movies.

Though he was able to create the temporary solution by affixing the veneers for a short duration due to the limited technology in that era, those beautiful smiles soon went viral and were sought after throughout the Glamour Industry.
Dr Michael Bunocore, in the late 1960’s popularised adhesive dentistry, an almost modern era of Dentistry, by creating a slightly etched surface with mild acids, thereby forming a much stronger bond for the restorations and sealants to adhere.

J.R. Calamia and R.J. Simonsen, in the early 1980’s took forward this thinking and approach for Porcelain Veneers, which were now able to be manufactured much more durable due to the new technology available at the time. Pretty soon Porcelain Veneers gained popularity as these were much more accessible to a broader variety of people in the population.

Veneers Today

Over the last 03 decades, modern dental technology has made dental veneers more life-like and the procedure more convenient than ever before. 

Newer materials and advanced manufacturing processes for porcelain and composite results in them being more durable, stronger and they reflect light as similar to that of natural dental enamel. 

Digital imaging systems enable Dr Thakkar to create same-day restorations that are a near-perfect match to the natural shape and colour of a patients’ teeth. 

Additionally, other advanced dental treatments such as teeth whitening and dental crowns can be combined with veneers to provide you with a comprehensive cosmetic result and genuinely stunning smiles.

Veneers or Teeth Whitening

Despite stunning results, porcelain dental veneers or composite veneers may require us to shape and prep all the teeth. 

Therefore, if the colour of your teeth is your only concern, we first recommend Teeth Whitening for your mildly discoloured teeth to have a whiter and brighter smile because it is the least invasive cosmetic dentistry option. 

Or, if crooked teeth or alignment issues are involved, Teeth Whitening also may be combined with orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign.

Dental Veneers Complications

Increased Sensitivity

In some patients, increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures may be observed post the procedure, this is normal and would usually subside in a few days.

Tooth sensitivity is uncomfortable and inconvenient, but you can effectively manage it with pain relievers and desensitising pastes/gels, and these symptoms are only temporary.

What To Do If Your Veneers Break

When you got your veneers, you probably loved the results. However, cracks can appear with age or as the result of poor habits like chewing on hard items, like your nails, a pen or ice. It might not seem substantive of an issue initially, however, with time, it can result in loss of colour, so it’s best to have them suitably repaired.

Chips are usually the result of dental trauma (an accident) or chewing on hard items; chips can either be small pieces or a significant portion of the veneer.

Un-bonding of veneer over time can occur, the material used to bond might wear away, resulting in an un-bonding of the material to your tooth.

If you just have a small crack or chip and your veneer is otherwise in good shape, Dr Thakkar may be able to fill the crevice with resin and efficiently repair it.
She can also re-bond veneers that have become un-bonded as long as you can see her as soon as possible after you notice any troubling signs.
If, however, you ignore these signs and have a significant portion that is missing, she may suggest a replacement for that veneer by removing the bonding material, and a new impression will be cast of your natural tooth to place a new one.

Remember, repairing and replacing veneers can be expensive, so your best bet is to properly care for them to keep them in great shape throughout their lifespan. 

Dental Veneers Alternatives

Yes, alternatives to veneers include bondings (Composite Fillings) and Dental Crowns. 

Veneers offer an excellent intermediate option and may be optimally suited for patients who want to change the overall shape of their teeth more than just a tiny bit – as is done with bonding – but not so much, as to require a crown.

Other Alternatives include,

“no-prep” Veneers

Minimal preparation veneers or “no-prep” veneers— they are so called because they typically don’t require removal of as much tooth material—are bonded to the front surface of your teeth. Often, the placement of no-prep veneers can be done more quickly and with less discomfort than traditional veneers. 

They are comfortable, safe and best of all, an affordable way to transform the appearance of your teeth, creating a whiter, straighter, younger and healthier looking smile.

Snap-On Veneers

There are occasions wherein snap on veneers may be a good choice, especially for those who want to give their smile a makeover but aren’t ready for a more committed dental procedure. 

Snap-On Veneers are also useful for people who are contemplating of getting Dental Veneers but need to try out the look and feel before actually committing to them.

Snap-On Smile is an affordable and life-changing solution for people of all ages. A Snap-On Smile requires merely two, short, painless visits. Learn more about Snap-On Smile.


Lumineers are indeed a great option when you’re looking to enhance your smile cosmetically. They are so thin (approximately 0.2 mm) that minimal tooth reduction is necessary.

Talk to Dr Thakkar to find out if you’re a good candidate for any of the other alternative options.

Dental Veneers Types

There are two types of Veneers:

Porcelain Veneers vs Composite Veneers

Porcelain is fired in a vacuum furnace hence there are no air bubbles in it after it cools and hardens thus it reduces or nearly eliminates the issues of staining which means it does not stain and keeps looking good for longer.
Composite veneer presents staining issues over time as the air bubbles trapped in the composite veneer resin which may not be immediately apparent but eventually would fill up with stains from coffee, tea, red wine and other coloured foods.

Porcelain veneers have high surface glaze (gloss) which cannot be removed by tooth-brushing. The surface texture of porcelain mimics the enamel providing you will a naturally looking confident smile whereas composite resins have relatively flat surface texture and usually does not polish to the same degree as porcelain so might not seem quite as natural.

The bio-compatibility of porcelain veneers is reasonably well-established, and porcelain has a higher strength than composite. However, a tiny percentage of porcelain veneers will come unstuck or chip occasionally. 

Composite Veneers are little more prone to chipping and breaking on the edges.

Although an additional expense, if you know you are a night grinder, it is advisable to invest in a night guard or a mouth guard irrespective of veneer type you choose!

If my upper teeth are treated, will they match the lowers

Most Individuals do not show as much lower teeth as they do for the Upper ones. However, if you do show the lower ones too, then there is nothing fundamentally wrong with that. 

Dr Thakkar ordinarily places the Dental Veneers on the top teeth but if in some cases, patients want to have them for the lower teeth as well, in case they do show them while smiling, then these options can be discussed in the initial consultation, and she would recommend optimal solutions specific to your situation.

Patients usually prefer Teeth Whitening done for their lower teeth to match the shade of the upper ones, which are enhanced with Dental Veneers.

Dr Thakkar encourages that the Teeth Whitening Treatment is done on the lower teeth before the veneers are placed for accurate shade match results.

Dental Veneers Further Information

When placed by Dr Alps Thakkar, an experienced cosmetic dentist, veneers produce a stunningly natural look. 

Although many dentists offer veneers, the optimal results are more likely to come from those who have a measured sense of Aesthetics like Dr Thakkar and an extensive background in cosmetic dentistry in general and veneers in particular.

Dr Alps Thakkar also has formal training and expertise in dental implants, a complicated surgical procedure, this advanced knowledge spreads across multiple areas of dentistry and can genuinely raise the notch of quality that regular dentists may not be able to match.

We use state of the art technology, bespoke solutions, creative and meticulous methodology that ensures success with your smile design. 

A beautiful smile feels great and can increase both your confidence and well-being.

Talk to Dr Thakkar, and she would be happy to partner and collaborate with you in the journey, at the end of which you would have a smile you would be proud and happy to show around.