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Cosmetic Dentistry

We Transform Your Smile

Cosmetic Dental Consultation

One of the first things people notice about you is your smile, and it makes an initial impression in them and reveals to them how you feel about yourself, often it is either an expression of confidence or consciousness.

A confident, sparkling smile make fabulous first impressions, whether in a business meeting, a first date or joyous occasions like weddings and parties.
If you feel conscious, even subtly, about the way, your teeth look when you smile then a cosmetic dental consultation with Dr Alps Thakkar would be your first step towards a confident, sparkling, charming & a radiant smile.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry is a broad term that encapsulates many treatments for a variety of conditions to enhance the overall appearance of your smile.
We recommend these treatments either individually or in a combination depending on your needs and expectations.

With a focus on achieving highly aesthetic and natural looking smiles, cosmetic dentistry in its many forms addresses a wide variety of conditions that detract from the appearance of your smile. Used individually or in combination, spectacular and long-lasting results can be achieved with the latest innovations in dental materials and techniques. Some examples of cosmetic dental procedures available in our practice include:

Dr Alps Thakkar’s patients recognise her as an expert in cosmetic and general dentistry as her artistry, knowledge and precision is magnified by meticulous planning and treatment thereby ensuring outstanding results, every time.

For Dr Thakkar, nothing is more professionally satisfying than enriching the lives of her patients; she truly enjoys her contribution to the community.
She cherishes the trust her patients bestow on her knowing full well that she is not only imparting a dental procedure but also enhancing the quality of a patient’s life in a deeply profound way.
She loves her job, stands by her commitment and craft and looks forward to collaborating with you to get you the smile you have long desired.

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